Social counselling

Since living includes more than just a roof overhead, VEBOWAG offers their tenants and their relatives social services, providing counselling and help in difficult life situations.

  • In financial distress, in case of rent arrears, or if the tenant might have to face termination of his tenancy agreement, we give advice as to financial aid (unemployment benefit II, basic security benefits, social welfare, housing benefit, supplementary child benefit, etc.).
  • Senior citizens and the disabled receive valuable advice in order to make sure that these people may stay in their flats in a self-reliant way as long as possible and get support in applying for benefits (attendance benefit etc.).
  • You have questions regarding self-help groups, family-supporting assistance, addiction assistance, or need for long-term care? We help you find the appropriate expert services.

Social counselling is given by appointment and is strictly confidential. If need be, we will visit you at your flat to give advice.